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Thinking About Getting Married? A Week Of Tips Tip 5

Tip 5:   How to achieve the most beautiful bridal makeup

Next to their wedding dress and hair, one of the most important things brides should be thinking about in the run up to their nuptials is their makeup. It is a bride’s prerogative to look her best – both for the ceremony and the all-important wedding pictures.

There are various things to consider when planning your makeup regime for the big day. It’s not enough to go for your everyday makeup palette as bridal style is unique and the last thing any woman wants is to look inappropriately dolled-up when she ties the knot.

So, what to do ahead of the wedding to make these plans? The safest option that is sure to deliver the best results is hiring a professional makeup artist. Not only will they be able to tell you what look works best with your dress, flowers and veil, but they will also be available to do a trial run a few weeks or days ahead of the wedding.

If, however, you are on a budget and employing a professional is out of the question, there are a few basic rules that you can follow, which, if practised enough, can result with fabulous effects!

According to fashion magazine Marie Claire, there are ten simple steps that every bride should bear in mind when hoping to achieve the perfect bridal makeup palette, the first of which is to invest in a good foundation primer. By applying this sort of product, foundation is guaranteed to adhere to the skin better, thereby lasting all day. Moreover, primers keep oil and shine at bay, which is sure to be useful on a day as exciting and stressful as your wedding.

Wearing a foundation that is close to your natural skin tone is another must as going too light or too dark could  make you look washed out on camera! When it comes to balancing the skin tone, concealer is essential for applying beneath the eyes and over any dreaded stress spots! However, if you wish to avoid such hazards, be sure to drink lots of water ahead of the big day and get plenty of sleep the night before.

After applying the concealer, be sure to seal that and your foundation with some powder. It might feel like more makeup than you are used to wearing, but it will prevent streaks and a meltdown later on in the day. And what blushing bride would be complete without a pinch of rouge on her cheeks? If anything, this will make you look young, fresh and prevent you from appearing washed out in your pictures.

When it comes to making the most of your eyes, using a light eye shadow is a must, such as a pearly cream or silver, as shades like these open up the eyes making them appear bigger and wider. If you want a dramatic look, go for a thin line of eyeliner along the lower lashes and the inner rim. But an absolute must is two coats of waterproof black mascara for true glamour!

And finally, there are no black and white rules with regards to lip colours on your wedding day. You can go for a dramatic vixen look with blood red lipstick or completely nude with just a dab of clear gloss. But be sure to first reaffirm the contours of your pout with a shade of lip liner that is as close as possible to the colour of your choice.


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