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Lindsay & Craig Pre-wedding shoot- Neath abbey & Waterfalls

Well I wont be the only one to have experienced this but 8 weeks of rain literally does put a dampener on your plans and your spirits. We’ve been trying to get together for what seems like an age for this Pre-wedding shoot but boy was it worth the wait.
Lindsay, Craig and I met up at neath abbey on what can only be described as a beautiful day.After rejecting some advances by tour guides and finding my own comfort level carry Lindsay’s handbag, we managed to get some lovely pictures…and had some giggles in the process.
Lindsay & Craig were very clear that they would like to visit a waterfall and I knew just the place in the neath valley, to makes wishes commands!. The dappled light and warm shade was a welcome relief from the harsh mid-day sun and the greenery was just stunning…A great Location for a shoot.

Anyway if this couple of hours was anything to go by I cant wait to shoot the wedding.

Hope you enjoy the pics guys 🙂


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