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Recently I was invited by good friend and Principle Enzoani event Photographer Rob Jones, to document the official 2016 Launch of the Enzoani Bridal range at the Birmingham Council House.
Im used to photographing beautiful wedding dresses in my day job as a wedding photographer in Wales and I can honestly say this range is spectacular.

I would encourage any would be bride to check out the stunning range at one of the few Uk stockists.

The hard work and dedication that went into organising such a great event was clearly evident, right from the back stage staff down to the models, front of house, lighting and media teams and of course Genius designer Kang-Chun Lin on hand to make sure his designs went out perfectly.

It was great to be work with so many talented people and I would like to say a big thank you to:

Mark & Jeanette Stevens – Enzoani
Tracie Williams – Enzoani
Kang-Chun Lin – Enzoani
Rob Jones – Purecreations Photography
Brett Florens – Brett Florens Photography
Alex Bradbury – Alex Bradbury Photography
Steve Ratcliffe – Steve Ratcliffe Films

I hope you enjoy looking at some the photographs of the event and dont forget to also check out the little video at the bottom produced by the gifted Steve Ratciffe Films.


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Oldwalls wedding

Wedding photography at Oldwalls Gower by Creative Apertures Photography

For the most part every wedding Ive photographed has been awesome in one way or another, always something to feel positive about.I leave at the end of long days, buzzing with good memories of families and friends celebrating together.

From time to time though, all the elements come together and its hard to imagine how things could have gone any better. That was certainly the case for me, when I photographed Jon & Danielle’s wedding at the Stunning Oldwalls recently. A beautiful summers day in beautiful surroundings with the most fabulous bunch of fun relaxed and down to earth people you could wish to meet.

The whole day was filled with laughter and celebration and wherever I pointed the camera, it seemed to capture something wonderful.

Danielle’s dad is a wedding photographer himself and it was great to see him relax,unwind and enjoys his daughter’s big and not worry about the photography.

This is a small(I know there are lots)selection of so many great images from a smashing day.

A huge Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Hurd.  Oldwalls wedding photography at its finest.

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