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 fforest - fforest farm Wedding

Xeco & Rochan Get married at SNAP Photography Festival -fforest farm

WOW! I just have to start with that word.

The wedding of Xeco & Ro Chan was incredible,just completely off the chart AWESOME. A year ago we had met at the fantastic SNAP photography festival which took place at the FForest camp in rural West Wales. Whilst there I was privileged to photograph Xeco’s beach proposal to Ro Chan, which was beautiful.

Fast forward a year and the beautiful Spaniards were back for Snap 2016 this time with a suprise up their sleeve. Yup they were going to get married.

Imagine wedding photographers getting married, with over 100 other wedding photographers as guest and uncle Bob’s! Crazy….and it must be some kind of record for the most wedding photographers at a wedding!

Most of the attendeees had no clue what was to happen until the morning of the wedding itself.

Thankfully I was let into the secret beforehand, as Xeco & Ro Chan had asked me to be best man for them, which was such a great great honor.

Anyway I didnt take very many pics due to my official duties but here are a few from the best mans point of view. Hope you enjoy this beautiful Fforest wedding photography.

Special thanks to:

Venue – fforest
Design & Coordination – The Bijou Bride
Styling – Mr & Mrs Unique
Wedding dress – E&W Couture
Stationery – Hollyhock lane
Flowers – Great British florist
Groom & best man waistcoats –
DJ – wedding smashers
Celebrant – Hannah Jones
Cake topper – Miss Cake
Signage & linen – Fleur de Lace Wedding & Events
Guest book backdrop & ribbons – Kate Cullen
Guest book – Pen heaven
Light Up Letters – Doris Loves
Giant Bunting – Emma Bunting

fforest farm wedding photographer

wedding photography at fforest farm


Well, it’s time for another belated blog post. Slowly I’m working through a backlog of stunning weddings to share with you all.

It was great to spend the day with Matthew & Angharad for their Fonmon Castle Wedding back in the days when the sun shone bright and spirits were high.

The day began with the preparations at the quaint Sutton Mawr Farm. I was met with a laid back and relaxed atmosphere when I arrived, as the families enjoyed the morning, getting ready amongst the wild flowers and butterflies, to the chorus of buzzing bees and bird song.

We then headed off over to Fonmon Castle where the rest of the day’s activities would take place and you could not wish for a better location for a wedding. The day was filled with laughter and fun as the guests let their hair down to help Matthew & Angharad celebrate their special day in style.

I don’t think I’ve laughed so much at some of the mad games that were played that day. I even got roped into a couple myself and you can see a brief cameo appearance in the photographs below.

All in all…… fabulous!

If you’re interested in me to capture your big day, in a natural, no gimmick and fun way, get in touch; I’d love to hear from you.

Matthew & Angharad 1Matthew & Angharad 2Matthew & Angharad 3Matthew & Angharad 4Matthew & Angharad 5Matthew & Angharad 6Matthew & Angharad 7Matthew & Angharad 8Matthew & Angharad 9Matthew & Angharad 10Matthew & Angharad 11Matthew & Angharad 12Matthew & Angharad 13Matthew & Angharad 14Matthew & Angharad 15Matthew & Angharad 19Matthew & Angharad 17Matthew & Angharad 16Matthew & Angharad 18Matthew & Angharad 2 2Matthew & Angharad 21Matthew & Angharad 2 1Matthew & Angharad 20Matthew & Angharad 2 3Matthew & Angharad 2 4Matthew & Angharad 2 5Matthew & Angharad 2 6Matthew & Angharad 2 7Matthew & Angharad 2 8Matthew & Angharad 2 9Matthew & Angharad 2 10Matthew & Angharad 2 11Matthew & Angharad 2 14Matthew & Angharad 2 12Matthew & Angharad 2 13Matthew & Angharad 2 15Matthew & Angharad 2 16Matthew & Angharad 2 17Matthew & Angharad 2 18Cablog title copy

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I met the awesome Xeco & Rochan. They are a very talented, creative couple who form the incredible Click & Pum. A photographer/musician combo, working out of Alicante Spain.

We met at the Snap Photography Festival in rural West Wales and I immediately felt a connection with them……as I did with most of the awesome people I met there. If you are a photographer I highly recommend you try and go if you can.

A few of us decided to explore the areas surrounding the event location which was held at the beautifulFforest and ended up strolling the cool beach at poppit sands. Watching two non-acclimatised Spaniards meet the Welsh costal breeze in April was very very funny.

It was during this little excursion that I privileged to witness and capture Xeco’s romantic beach Proposal to Rochan. Wow! Such a cool thing to see! These two are made for each other!

I can’t wait to see them again this year. Love you guys.

Here are some belated photos of that beach stroll 🙂

xeco 4xeco 3xeco 1xeco 2xeco 5Cablog title copy